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 Lochwinnoch Curling ClubLochwinnoch Curling Club

The club curls at Greenacres curling club situated on the B776 above Howwood.
The curling season runs from September to April. We are currently looking for new members to boost our numbers.

If you are interested please contact one of the members listed below and they will be happy to arrange for you to try out the sport.

Jennifer Chambers (President) 01505 842136 Jennie Cochrane 07752 431135 Evelyn Gilmour 01505 842086

Lochwinnoch Curling Club


Although evidence of play dates from the 1500’s in Scotland, Lochwinnoch Curling Club was formed in 1827. With the close presence of Castle Semple Loch it is almost certain that curling was played in Lochwinnoch many years before that, whenever there was a cold spell sufficient to provide a deep enough sheet of ice for play.

The Grand Match – when people came from all over to play – was held on Castle Semple Loch on three occasions in 1850, 1864 and 1878 so Curling is in the air in Lochwinnoch.

There were originally three clubs in Lochwinnoch namely:-

  • Lochwinnoch Castle Semple Club
  • Lochwinnoch Auchenbothie Club
  • Lochwinnoch Garthland Club

In 1931/2 the Lochwinnoch Castle Semple Club and the Lochwinnoch Auchenbothie Club amalgamated with Lochwinnoch but there is no knowledge of what became of the Lochwinnoch Garthland Club.

Lochwinnoch area has been well represented in the governing body the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (R.C.C.C,) with Col. McDowall being a Vice President in 1850/51 and J.Y. Keanie a Vice President in 1928/29. As well as this many of the members achieved success over the years. Robert Connell was with the R.C.C.C. touring team of Canada in 1911/12 and he brought back six Maple trees which he planted in the garden in Church Street, unfortunately only one survived. Also in international matches against England Lochwinnoch were the highest up club in 1908 and 1922.

The ladies were also busy with curling although it was not until 1956 that they were allowed to attend the annual dinner if they wished. Thankfully this attitude has completely changed and the ladies are equal in all respects within the Club today.

Coming up to date one of the members of the Olympic Gold Medal team started curling with Lochwinnoch and another current member is a gold medallist in the wheelchair curling.

Despite all this success the real benefit of the Club is in the fact that curling is a sport that can be enjoyed by all, young and old, male and female the traditions of the sport emphasise fair play in a spirit of friendship and good company. While championship demands skill, fitness and dedication, club level play does not make excessive physical demands on the novice. Sufficient technique is swiftly achieved to enable them to enjoyable participate in the game. The joy of sending your own stone on to the target or assisting your team by sweeping the stones also to the target means that the challenges and fun offered by curling make it.